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Dongying MSA Organizes a Water Cruise

In order to fully implement the series of arrangements at all levels on strengthening maritime security, Dongying Maritime Safety Administration carried out a maritime cruise on October 24.

The cruise focuses on the inspection of the navigation order of Guangli Port and the construction site of the wind power terminal. Firstly, Dongying MSA checked the static data of ship navigation and anchoring in the Guangli port area using the Navigation guidance application system, CCTV and other means, so as to improve the effectiveness of water cruise; Secondly, Dongying MSA checked the navigation, anchoring and operation order of the ships along the way on site, reminding the passing commercial ships and fishing boats to strengthen lookout and avoid the collision risk, as well as urging the constructing ships to strengthen the crew watch, and implement the main responsibility of ship safety management; Thirdly, Dongying MSA cooperated with Dongying Port  to maintain the navigation environment of the harbor and channel, advising the fishing boats to leave the channel, cleaning up the fishing nets and fishing gear, checking the working status of the navigation aids in the waters along the way, and inspecting whether the appearance signs of the navigation aids. 

The cruise lasted for  4 hours and more than 20 nautical miles,advise 5 fishing boats driving away from the channel, and cleared 500 meters of fishing nets and gear from the sea.

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