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Yantai MSA Prevents a Foreign Vessel from Entering the Breeding Area

At 00:40 a.m on October 17th, Yantai MSA Command Center received a report that a foreign ship named HM was about to enter cultivating area, and the high-frequency call to the vessel was not answered. The duty officer inquired through the Dynamic Supervision System of Yantai MSA and got the infoemation of the vessel which was near 20 nautical miles north of Laizhou Port and 1 nautical mile away from the breeding boundary. The duty officer immediately informed VTS to contact HM, and at the same time informed Yantai Laizhou Maritime Bureau and Weifang MSA to get the contact information of the agent, and tried to contact the ship to avoid breeding area. With the joint efforts of many parties, HM turned at 00:58 and successfully avoided the breeding area.

The whole disposal process took less than 20 minutes. It reflects that the dynamic perception ability is significantly enhanced. Recently, the Dynamic Supervision System of Yantai MSA has been continuously optimized and upgraded, and the distribution of aquaculture monitored by remote sensing can be completely presented in the system, which can help the duty officer to master the dynamics of HM and its distance from the breeding area right the first time.

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