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Rizhao MSA Organizes the Second Annual Crew Training and Teaching Staff Examination

On November 8th, Rizhao MSA organized relevant personnel of the seafarers training institutions under its jurisdiction to successfully complete the second phase of the 2022 training teaching personnel examination, with a total of 50 people taking the test.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the second phase of the 2022 National Crew Training and Teaching Staff Examination continues to be organized by the local authorities of the crew training institution. According to the arrangement, Rizhao MSA actively organized the registration work in the early stage and successfully completed the examination arrangement. A total of 33 teaching staff signed up for 29 examination subjects. During the examination, Rizhao MSA has assigned 2 law enforcement personnel to be responsible for epidemic prevention and control, invigilation and emergency maintenance of examination equipment. All examination personnel have completed the inspection of identity information, health code, travel code and nucleic acid test information in advance, and have completed temperature measurement, place code scanning and face recognition before entering the examination room. In the end, all examination subjects were successfully completed and the examination was in good order.

At present, all the results of this examination been reported according to the procedures and will be released have by the China MSA.

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