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Weihai MSA Prepares for the First Cold Wave

According to the weather forecast, the first cold wave and gale weather would occur in Weihai on December 12. Weihai MRCC issued a yellow alert for gale. Weihai MSA took immediate action and organized a special dispatch meeting on wind prevention and resistance on the morning of the 11th to do a good job in wind prevention and resistance work.

The meeting focused on conveying the instructions on the gale, requiring all departments to strictly implement the long-term working mechanism of severe weather and sea conditions and timely send warnings to relevant units, companies and ships.

The meeting urged all departments to comprehensively strengthen the inspection of windproof measures for ships in key areas such as ports, anchorages and shipyards, as well as the spot check of crew members on duty, find out the numbers of key ships such as passenger ships, long-docked ships and unpowered ships under jurisdiction, and carry out windproof measures for key ships such as passenger ships, long-docked ships, unpowered ships, dangerous goods ships, and small and medium-sized ships one by one, so as to make the numbers clear and the measures clear. According to the investigation, there are a total of 57 ships in port, including 25 passenger ships, 26 general cargo ships, 5 small and medium-sized cargo ships, 42 shipyard repair ships, 17 construction ships, 21 long-term stopped ships, 13 unpowered ships, and 36 anchored ships for shelter.

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