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Weihai MSA Carries out Supervision and Inspection on Shipyards

In order to further standardize the procedure of ships berthing and departing, and ensure the navigation safety of the shipyards, Weihai MSA set up a working group and carried out on-site supervision and inspection on several shipyards in Weihai.

The working group discussed the repair and maintenance process, current state of special ships (accident ships, unpowered ships, oil tankers/chemical tankers), and the distribution of safety management liabilities between shipyards and ship owners, etc. In addition, the supervision and inspection focused on the navigation order, the establishment of safety management responsibility system and the establishment of emergency response plan of the ships. In the end, the working group put forward relevant safety management suggestions to the shipyards from the aspects of the duty division of the safety management of the vessels entering and departing the port, and the improvement of the gale prevention and resistance measures.

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