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Qingdao VTS Relieves a Dangerous Crossing Situation of Three Vessels

At 2300 hours on October 30th, three ships on the south side of Tuandao formed an urgent situation when entering and leaving the port. Qingdao VTS center intervened decisively and disposed successfully to avoid the risk of collision.

When the outbound ship Baodilong X sailed to the south of Tuandao, it suddenly slowed down in order to avoid an unlit trawler. At this time, the inbound ship Hexin XX was close to its distance, while the outbound ship MAERSK STEPNIC was a container ship with a full load of 330 meters whose speed was not easy to control.  Qingdao VTS Center immediately requested the three ships to negotiate to avoid collision, but the negotiation was ineffective. The VTS center intervened decisively, requiring the incoming ship Hexin XX to control its speed, and Baodilong X to accelerate through the warning area after avoiding the trawler. Eventually, the three ships passed safely without any harmful consequences.

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