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Empowering Yantai MSA with Science and Technology to Achieved Full Cover of Video Surveillance for Crew Training Examination

In order to improve the supervision efficiency of seafarers' training examination and promote the construction of high-quality seafarers, Yantai MSA accelerated the informatization construction of seafarers' management. On the basis of informatization construction, Yantai MSA has realized full coverage of video surveillance of training examination venues, improved the supervision means of the whole process of seafarers' training and examination, and improved the supervision efficiency of seafarers' training examination.

The video monitoring of training has broken the traditional on-site supervision mode, realized the whole process, all-weather, rapid and effective real-time supervision. It is also of the capacities of spot-checking the supervision of training agency, teaching situation, personnel attendance, examination dynamic monitoring at any time. The video monitoring has realized the dynamic management of training institutions.

Yantai MSA will continue to track the new technology of crew training examination, use information technology to improve the supervision efficiency of training and examination and accelerate the construction of high-quality crew.

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