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The Biggest Offshore Wind Power Base in Yantai Receives a Special Inspection in Typhoon Season by Yantai MSA

To avoid similar accident occurrence like Fujing 001, a special inspection on SPIC Offshore Wind Power Base V Site 500MW located in southern waters of Shandong Peninsula has been conducted by Yantai MSA together with Haiyang Emergency Department, Haiyang Development and Reform Bureau. The inspection team focuses on scrutinizing the plan of wind and typhoon resistance and supervises the implementation of schemes concerning uniform distribution of construction vessels as well as the contingency plan.

Experts and other participants have put priority on the delivery of warning information, defined wind scale for evacuation, evacuation route and destination. Several suggestions for revision have been put forward from the aspects of human, vessel and environment.

The units involved are required to highlight the necessity of prevention and adopt scientific as well as effective measures to prevent from strong wind and typhoon. Specifically, they should strengthen shore-based support, keep an eye on warning information reception and precisely estimate typhoon intensity, position and tracks based on scientific and rational analysis. All units should strictly implement the main responsibility of safety production. The construction unit, as the first person responsible, shall intensify the supervision and inspection on EPC and take preventive measures against hidden dangers and risks. EPC, as the main organization responsible for construction, shall enhance the management of construction units sections among all sections. Meanwhile, it is also required to improve the operability of such schemes as uniform distribution of construction vessels, wind and typhoon resistance and contingency. The construction unit shall execute emergency plans and take charge of workers’ regular training properly.

From the beginning to the end, Yantai MSA insists on putting people and their lives first. Looking forward, it will continue to strive for 3 goals in virtue of joint prevention and control: a feasible and effective plan for wind and typhoon resistance, a firm and timely uniform distribution of construction vessels and a complete contingency plan.

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