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Qianhai (Laoshan) Branch of Qingdao MSA Launches Anti-typhoon Drill

On July 18, Qinghai(Laoshan) branch of Qingdao MSA organized the wharf engineering project department of Qingdao marine scientific investigation base project to carry out the exercise of anti-typhoon plan in the form of desktop deduction aiming to do a good job in the anti-typhoon work of construction ships under the jurisdiction.

This drill simulated the scenario that Typhoon No. 4 would land from Jiaonan with the instantaneous maximum wind speed was 35.0m/s. The project department immediately started the typhoon resistance emergency response, arranged the evacuation of construction ships from the construction site to the typhoon shelter, and the emergency tugs were on duty. During the anchoring and sheltering in the typhoon shelter, the stone transport ship "Yu *669" began to drag, the project department immediately contacted the emergency tugboat for rescue, and finally the danger was eliminated and the typhoon prevention and resistance task was successfully completed.

 After the drill, the law enforcement personnel commented on the drill and put forward rectification requirements for the problems existing in the drill, the project construction unit and the construction unit are required to improve the political position, strengthen the risk awareness, do a good job in pre-flood preparation, early warning and prevention, team organization, material reserve, emergency duty, rescue and disaster relief and other links, and strive to achieve the anti-typhoon goal.

Qinghai (Laoshan) branch of Qingdao MSA will continue to strictly implement the relevant requirements of the notice on flood and typhoon prevention in 2022 issued by Shandong MSA, implement long-term mechanism of "seven stricts and seven preventions”, supervise the port and shipping enterprises in the jurisdiction to carry out the main responsibility for safe production, promote the construction ships and other key ships to improve the resistant level of typhoon and other adverse weather, and ensure the stability of the maritime safety situation in the jurisdiction during the period affected by the typhoon.

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