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Shandong MSA Organized a Meeting on Epidemic Prevention and Control and Safety Supervision

On the morning of July 15, Shandong MSA organized a video scheduling meeting, emphasized the deployment of epidemic prevention and water safety supervision in key periods such as before important meetings, typhoon season, and summer high temperature, etc.

At the meeting, The deputy director requested that all units should focus on ensuring the smooth convening of the 20th CPC National Congress, and make every effort to COVID-19 response, maritime supervision, security and stability and other work. 

First, we should make persistent efforts to the COVID-19 response. It is necessary to earnestly implement the latest requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and persevere in the work to“tackle both imported and domestic infection”.We must take care of our own people. Externally, we should focus on training and examinations, crew changes, cold chain logistics and transportation, and ensuring the smooth flow of energy and materials.

Second, we must investigate and control hidden dangers and effectively prevent and resolve major risks. It is necessary to focus on the prevention and control of maritime traffic safety risks, strengthen the safety supervision and law enforcement of the "four types of key ships", and increase the dynamic management and control of key ships such as passenger ships and large oil tankers, and continue to carry out special rectifications in key areas such as passenger and dangerous goods transportation.

Third, we must refine measures to effectively strengthen internal security management. It is necessary to carry out a special assessment of internal management, sort out unstable factors in terms of facilities and equipment, network security, etc., and pay close attention to the security of ship facilities and personnel management.

Fourth, we must be strictly on duty and strengthen emergency response and information reporting. Faced with the severe situation of frequent typhoons, high temperature and strong convective weather, we must strictly implement the measures of banning and restricting traffic and ensure smooth information flow. Once an emergency occurs, we must organize and deal with it immediately and report it in time according to relevant regulations.

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