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Dongjiakou MSA Guarantees the Safe Berthing of an Almost Out-of-Gauge Ship

Recently, Haiwan No. 1 berth of Dongjiakou Port berthed a chemical tanker that was close to the maximum berthing tonnage allowed by the terminal. Dongjiakou MSA took actions to ensure the safety of navigation, berthing and operation of the ship.

Firstly, a special meeting on the safety management of the ship’s entering the port was held with the safety production management personnel of the Port. Dongjiakou MSA inspected the safety production management system, emergency plan, safety operation procedures, fire protection facilities, and pollution prevention equipment of the Port, and put forward relevant requirements.  Secondly, Dongjiakou MSA strictly follow the long-term supervision mechanism of "six questions and six controls" to effectively intervene and monitor whether the goods are suitable for transportation, whether the terminal is suitable for berthing, whether the environment is suitable, whether the ship is seaworthy, whether the personnel are competent, and whether the precautions are applicable. Thirdly, the ship's entry into the port is closely tracked and monitored. Fourthly, after the ship is properly docked, Dongjiakou MSA immediately inspected the port loading operation, focusing on the ebb and flow information of the wharf during loading, and the bearing capacity of the bollards and cables to ensure the safety of the ship.

Dongjiakou MSA will further summarize the work experience in the supervision of almost out-of-gauge ships, and continue to play an active role in protecting the environment and serving the society.

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