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Shandong MSA successfully organized the "2022 Sea Cleanup Action" in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea

From 24th to 30th June, Shandong Maritime Safety Administration jointly carried out the "2022 Sea Cleanup Action" in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, together with dozens of governmental departments. The operation focused on illegal sea-related transportation by riverboat, management of merchant and fishing vessel safety, management of maritime communication order, and other joint law enforcement actions to ensure the stability of the maritime security situation. 

In order to improve the efficiency of law enforcement and give full play to the synergy of supervision, Shandong MSA has coordinated various departments, and dispatched law enforcement forces such as law enforcement ships, drones, and radars to give full play to the advantages of scientific and technological equipment, and achieved "Land, sea, space and sky" integrated linkage. The cruise of this large-scale joint law enforcement action in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea departed from Qingdao, and successively inspected the sea area of Weihai, Yantai, Weifang, Dongying and Binzhou in Shandong Province, and then entered the sea area of Hebei, Tianjin and Liaoning province, covering the central of the Yellow Sea area and the entire Bohai Sea area. On the sea , the cruise used scientific and technological means such as radio detection, the "Sea Guard" big data law enforcement system and radar, as well as drones to conduct three-dimensional inspections of the sea and the sky, and tracked, discovered, and locked water traffic illegal behaviors. On the land, maritime departments along the way comprehensively used VTS, AIS, CCTV and other marine traffic intelligent management systems to carry out electronic cruises in offshore areas and provide intelligence support for maritime cruise formations.

During the joint law enforcement action, 46 ships, 19 drones, and more than 550 law enforcement officers were dispatched. 54 cases of suspected maritime illegal behaviors, such as displaying AIS information and irregular crew duty as required, were all handed over to local maritime agencies for disposal. Through this joint operation, the means of interception and control have been further strengthened, the high-pressure crackdown on illegal activities has been maintained, and a strong deterrent has been formed on illegal acts of maritime transportation in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, effectively maintaining good maritime navigation order. The joint action was widely reported by CCTV, Shandong TV, Traffic News, Water Transport News and other news media.

At present, the special governance of illegal sea-related transportation by riverboat within Shandong's jurisdiction has achieved remarkable results. In the first half year, 3 riverboats for illegal sea-related transportation have been investigated and punished in Shandong's jurisdiction, year-on-year decrease of 88%. Riverboat has been dynamically cleared in Shandong sea area for three consecutive months.

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