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Dongjiakou MSA Avoids the Danger of a Vessel’s Losing Control

On the night of August 8th, the on-duty personnel of Dongjiakou VTS found that the construction ship Jiao Gong, towing the unpowered vessel Banqianchuan, was deviating from the normal route. It was verified that the main towline was broken, which seriously affected the safety of navigation, and there was a risk of runaway collision with the embankment.

Dongjiakou MSA responded quickly, took various measures to ensure the safety of the ships and personnel. Firstly, the VTS comprehensively studied and judged the potential risks, using the CCTV to monitor the dynamics of the ships, notified the towing ships to quickly take braking measures to stabilize the ship’s position. Secondly, the VTS implemented traffic control on ships’ entering and leaving the East Harbor to avoid secondary hazards. Thirdly, the Center coordinated port tugs to assist in towing.  Finally, the vessels reached the destination safely.

After the danger was successfully disposed. Dongjiakou VTS required similar enterprises to strictly conduct self-examination, checking the seaworthiness and towability to ensure the safety of construction ships.

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