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Captains from Merchant and Fishing Ships meet at the Largest Ro- Ro Passenger Ship in Asia

On 12th August, a meeting between captains from merchant and fishing ships was been held on vessel “Zhong Hua Fu Xing”, which is the largest Ro- Ro passenger ship in Asia, under the arrangement of Yantai Zhifu Maritime Department and Zhifu Administration of Ocean and Fisheries. The pandemic prevention and control policies and measure were been taken into fully consideration. During the meeting, both sides carry out an open and deep communication to improve navigation environment and fishing operations.

The captain of “Zhong Hua Fu Xing” introduced the bridge and decks, and demonstrated the functions and usage method of radar, AIS, electronic chart, depthometer and other navigation equipment. Topics on navigation custom, driveability, crew duty system and communication channel were been fully discussed. Through the communication, the captains from fishing ships have learned more about the merchant ships’ regulation for prevention of collision and lookout dead zone. Meanwhile, the captain of merchant ships also familiar with fishing custom, arrangement and working period.

Administration officers reminded captains of fishing ships not to conduct trawling or install netsond in navigable waters. Accident cases have been presented and analyzed to illustrate how to avoid unreasonable or illegal fishing operation, as well as collision avoidance principles. Finally, provisions addressing the fishery in the new version of Maritime Traffic Safety Law have been fully introduced and analyzed by MSA officers to the captains.


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