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Shandong MSA Accomplishes the 2022 Adaptation Training of VTS Operators

From July 27th to August 20th, Shandong Maritime Safety Administration has accomplished an adaptation training of VTS operators. 76 students from subordinate units attended the training and 4 students from Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration participated in the online theoretical training. On August 20th, all students successfully completed the theoretical and practical operation assessment and the training ended successfully.

This training is organized in a form of online teaching combined with centralized practical operation simulation. A number of measures have been taken to effectively guarantee the smooth implementation of the training including the good performance of information equipment , moderately increasing the course density, elaborating strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control as well as safety protection measures.

The training courses are set according to the IALA VTS training standards and the actual situation in Shandong area. 19 teachers selected from the maritime system with rich experience in VTS work and teaching gave lectures. Through the training, the trainees preliminarily mastered the VTS professional theory and ship handling knowledge, having been familiar with the general navigation environment and characteristics of dangerous accidents in Shandong jurisdiction, understood the development history of VTS, the knowledge of implementation international conventions and intelligent VTS, the future direction of VTS development, the construction of total factor waterborne" big traffic management",etc. , strengthened the communication between experts and colleagues in the system, built up the work attitude of dedication and excellence.

In recent years, Shandong MSA VTS have been expanding the system construction, speeding up high-quality transformation and upgrading, the needs of the VTS duty personnel training became larger. Through this training, the shortage of adapted on-duty personnel in each VTS center and the level of VTS training teachers of our bureau has been further improved.

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