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Qingdao MSA Launches Joint Law-enforcement Inspection On Dangerous Goods Misreporting

On the morning of August 19, Qingdao Maritime Safety Administration, together with traffic, public security, emergency and other departments, launched a joint law-enforcement inspection on the misreporting of dangerous goods.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of this joint inspection, law-enforcement personnel communicated with shipping companies and wharfs in advance, reasonably selected target ships without delaying the shipping schedule. They obtained the cargo manifest information of the shipping company, selected the names of products with high risk of concealment, and opened to inspect the 9 target containers. These 9 containers contained with flour, industrial salt, calcium chloride and other common name of cargo booking. After the opening and preliminary judgment, eight container cargoes are consistent with the actual booking name. The last container cargoes was taken and submitted samples for inspection to confirm the true nature of the goods because it cannot be judged from the packaging and appearance after law enforcement personnel gave a simple judgment by PH paper on-site. This joint law-enforcement activity, further strengthened the communication and cooperation between the maritime department and other law-enforcement departments, and the law enforcement exchanged experience with each other which played a positive role in improving law enforcement level and deepening the law enforcement cooperation. At the same time, it produced a strong deterrent force for the misreporting of containers in the jurisdiction.

Qingdao MSA will continue to implement the special rectification work deployment according to the work plan and superior requirements, strengthen the coordination of the relevant departments, carry out joint law enforcement regularly so as to maintain the stability of maritime security in the jurisdiction.

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