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Shandong MSA Insists on the"Three Enhancements" to Ensure the Stability of the Maritime Security on the First Week of Fishing

Along with the four-month fishing moratorium in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea officially ended, tens of thousands of fishing boats went out to the sea, and the intersection and the risk of collisionof commercial and fishing vessel increased suddenly.Shandong MSA took the "Three Enhancements" as the starting point, to supervise the safety of maritime traffic on the first week of fishing.

Firstly, Shandong MSA enhanced the anti-collision safety warning education for commercial and fishing vessels, and strive to improve the safety awareness of crew members.Maritime law enforcement officers walk around the streets, go deep into communities, fishing ports, wharfs, companies and other places where people are densely populated, and preach the safety knowledge of preventing commercial and fishing vessel collisions.

Secondly, Shandong MSA enhanced the investigation of hidden dangers and resolve the hidden dangers of commercial and fishing vessel safety risks in order to achieve the goal of eliminating potential collisions between commercial and fishing vessels as soon as possible.

Thirdly, Shandong MSA enhanced the dynamic traffic management and control, and actively carried out joint patrol law enforcement and fishing safety law enforcement inspections.

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