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Yantai Changdao Maritime Department strengthens the Governance of Merchant Ships and Fishing Boats

To ensure a sound nagivation environment, Changdao MSA carried out a series of joint patrols with Fishery Administration, Maritime and Port Bureau and Coast Guard on 17th, September. Fishing in Changshan Channel, illegally installing net monitor and other fishermen behaviors of obstacles to navigation have been cracked down strictly in this campaign.

Firstly, Changdao MSA focus on key area and emphasize joint prevention and governance. Changdao has devoted all the law- executors as well as their midday rest into this integrated enforcement. The coastal patrol vessel-05212, with the whole combined team carried, has sailed northward along the Changshan Channel and conducted a thorough inspection.

Secondly, Changdao MSA focus on risk control and emphasize precise strike. SC (supervision center) cooperated with the on-site law enforcement by providing precise information via the utilization of VTS, Vessel Dynamic Supervision System and Chuanxun. With this support, on-site law enforcement personnel has warned 26 fishing boats away from Changshan Waterway, particularly among the western precautionary area. Meanwhile, they have dismantled 7 net monitors, inspected 8 fishing boats and detained a fishing boat of peccancy, which has been turned over to the Fishery administration later. The cruise lasted 5 hours and covered more than 120 nautical miles.    

Thirdly, Changdao MSA focus on the elevation of safety awareness and emphasize extensive publicity. Efforts including explanation of Maritime Traffic Safety Law and dissemination of promotional materials have been made in the course of law enforcement. This has been a timely reminder to fishermen to comply with regulations and keep a lookout on duty to avoid getting involved into a collision.

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