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Penglai Branch of Yantai MSA Successfully Rescued an Injured Fisherman

At 10:18 o’clock on Sep. 17th, Penglai branch of Yantai MSA was informed by Yantai MSA Command Center that an injured fisherman needed emergence rescue in Penglai sea area. The emergent plan was launched immediately to guarantee fisherman disembark for medical treatment.

The first step is to rapidly verify the situation of the injured fisherman. Law enforcement officers of Penglai branch got in touch with the fisherman immediately by telephone to verify that his leg was twisted by the cable and the current position of the ship is about 7.3 nautical miles away from the rescue site Wanzikou Fishing Port. The captain of the fishing ship said the injuryed stayed in a relatively condition, and they needn’t a rescue ship to provide first-aid assistance temporarily. The second step is to carry out a whole-process monitoring. MSA staff marked the ship as a key concern in Yantai MSA Dynamic Supervision System and monitored the whole process of the ship by Beidou positioning system so as to accurately grasp the dynamic information of the ship to ensure to respond to the abnormal situation in time. The third step is to keep communication timely. Penglai branch of Yantai MSA reported the dangerous situation according to the working procedures, mastered the situation of injured fishermen and informed medical emergency vehicles to the rescue site in advance. The fourth step is to coordinate each side on-site. Penglai law enforcement officers arrived at the scene at the first time. At about 11:15 o'clock, the ship docked at Tuowanzikou Fishing Port, and the injured fisherman was sent to the hospital for medical treatment with the joint assistance of law enforcement officers and medical staff. The whole rescue process lasted only one hour. Currently, the injured fisherman is in stable condition.

Penglai branch of Yantai MSA will continue to adhere to the principle of putting the people and human life above all else, make every effort to maintain the stability of the security situation in jurisdiction, and protect people's lives and property.

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