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Rizhao MSA Carries Out Winter Safety Publicity

As Rizhao coastal tourism enters the off-season, Rizhao MSA continuously strengthens on-site inspections and law popularization and publicity work under the premise of doing a good job in passenger transport safety supervision. Rizhao MSA combines on-site inspections with anti-collision publicity and law education of commercial fishing vessels, carry out winter safety education work in an integrated manner, and subtly delivering safety knowledge to the dock.

At Rizhao world cup base, during the inspection, law enforcement personnel distributed materials such as “Guide for Small and Medium-sized Boats to Prevent Strong Winds in Winter” to the personnel and crews of passenger transport companies, explaining in detail the characteristics of winter winds, navigation taboos, anti-resistance countermeasures and other knowledge, requiring passenger transport enterprises to overcome paralysis, emphasizing that there is no "off-season" for safe production, strictly abiding by the regulations on self-inspection before sailing, prohibition and restriction of navigation, etc, and continuously improving the safety awareness of the management personnel and crews of the shipping company to ensure the safety of passenger transport in winter.

At the wharves of Taohuadao and Renjiatai Fishing Port, law enforcement officers presented fishermen and their families with “Peace is Happiness” calendar printed with winter navigation safety knowledge, explaining to them the dangers of trawling operations in waterway and the importance of avoiding merchant ships, urging them to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, ensure safety, and jointly maintain good navigation and operation order.

Rizhao MSA will continue to adhere to the integrated style publicity, create a good publicity atmosphere, enhance the public’s awareness of safe production, and effectively ensure the stable and orderly safety situation in the jurisdiction.

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