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Qingdao MSA Successfully Completed the Safety Inspection of Passenger Ships before the Spring Festival Travel Rush

Qingdao Maritime Safety Administration completed the safety inspection and defect deficiency rectification of passenger vessels to be put into operation under its jurisdiction successfully before the start of the Spring Festival travel rush of 2023 in order to implement the long-term mechanism for safety supervision of passenger vessels and ensure the safety of maritime passenger transport during the Spring Festival travel rush. A total of 44 passenger ship safety inspections were carried out, 112 deficiencies were checked and rectified, and 3 passenger ships with major defects were detained according to the law.

Qingdao Maritime Safety Administration attaches great importance to the "physical examination" of ships intended to operate during the Spring Festival travel rush. First, early deployments were made with issuing the notice on the safety supervision of passenger ships during the Spring Festival travel rush in 2023to grasp the transport capacity arrangements (including backup ship) of passenger transport companies under the jurisdiction during the Spring Festival travel rush, and to ensure that the concentrated inspection covers all ships engaged on voyages. Second, organizational guarantee was strengthened with coordinating the elite security forces to carry out concentrated inspection, focusing on the ship's fire-fighting equipment, life-saving equipment, electrical safety, main and auxiliary machinery, navigation safety, escape ways, fire and abandon ship drills, crew performing their duties, and the implementation of the winter fire prevention system. Third, strict inspection standards are followed. Deficiencies related to life-saving and fire-fighting found in ship inspection were corrected before sailing strictly, and defects that seriously endanger the seaworthiness of the ship or pose a threat to the safety of crew and passengers were firmly detained. Fourth, the source management was strengthened with implementing the main responsibility of the company. The companies are required to attach great importance to the deficiencies found in the concentrated inspection, to rectify them timely and conscientiously and ensure that the rectification and correction rate of the deficiencies in the safety inspection of passenger ships is 100%. Meanwhile, the companies are required to increase the safety input and crew training management efforts, strictly implement the work requirements of the safety management work such as the prohibitions and restrictions of navigation in severe weather.

Qingdao Maritime Safety Administration will do our best to do a good job in maritime passenger transport safety supervision during the "Spring Festival travel rush "to ensure that the safety situation of maritime passenger transport in the jurisdiction continues to be stable.

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