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Yantai Penglai MSA Continues to Strengthen the Remote Supervision of Ships Arriving at Ports

To ensure that the maritime security situation remains stable this winter and next spring, Yantai Penglai MSA has made full use of the "internet plus" to continuously strengthen the on-site supervision of ships arriving at ports. The epidemic prevention as well as control and safety supervision are ensured by this remote inspection technique .

On January 4, 2023, law enforcement officers checked the ship "Fuhai 6" with the remote inspection technique. Firstly,  information about the ship including the latest safety inspection and on-site inspection defects, inbound and outbound reports, crew information, administrative penalties, etc. are inquired through the Maritime Collaborative Management Platform. After that, the relevant information of the ship was fully obtained, and the pertinence of the inspection was also improved. Secondly, a WeChat group was established with the target ship, and the crew were asked to send books and materials related to the ship to the group, which shortened the inspection time and improved the inspection efficiency. Thirdly, other items such as ship manning, radio equipment, crew practice, emergency generator, fixed fire extinguishing system were also checked based on the information obtained with the full use of information means including "Eye of Maritime " and "Guard of Clean Sea". The inspection process was carried out successfully and orderly, and the remote inspection was performed very well.

Yantai Penglai MSA will efficiently coordinate the COVID prevention and control and maritime safety supervision, spare no efforts to control the epidemic and ensure safety.

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