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Jiaonan MSA successfully handled two cases of tourists trapped on rocks

  At 1427 hours on September 30th,Jiaonan branch of Qingdao MSA received  notification from Qingdao Maritime Rescue Coordination Center( Qingdao MRCC for short)that two foreign tourists trapped reef who were in urgent need of help near the area of Yumingzui.

  Jiaonan MSA made a rapid reponse on receiving the report, on one hand,officers contacted the alarm people to verify their location of the scene, on the other hand, sent the nearest rescue team after oordinating the matitime rescue force in the area. 25 minutes later, the Haoxiang rescue boat of the West Coast New Area arrived in distress position where the two people were trapped and rescued them sucessfully to the shore.

  At 1427 hours, Jiaonan MSA received notification from Qingdao MRCC again that three men were trapped by the rising tide near the Liansandao Scenic Area who need help. Since the trapped men were unable to specify their location, officers made telephone contact with them at the first time and was informed that the location of distress was at the junction of Jiaonan and Qianwan MSA.Jiaonan MSA quickly sent the HaoXiang rescue team which was closer to the distress location in collaboration with Qianwan MSA. At 1702 hours, people in distress ashore successfully after much efforts .The rescue operation was a complete success.

  Jiaonan MSA reminded the rescued person on maritime safety, the rescued person expressed heartfelt thanks and high respect for the timely and efficient rescue.

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