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Qingdao MSA Completed the Maritime Safety Supervision Of the 2023 Spring Festival Travel Rush

The 2023 Spring Festival travel rush lasting 40-day came to an end recently. Qingdao Maritime Safety Administration insisted on early planning, emphasizing supervision and excellent service, which effectively ensured the safe travel of 160000 passengers on the ship and the safe entry and exit of 33 million tons of goods.

During the Spring Festival travel rush, Qingdao MSA enriched the front-line law enforcement force, strengthened the safety supervision of passenger ships and dangerous goods transport ships, in addition, since January 30, Qingdao Maritime safety Administration has officially resumed the normalization inspection of ships of Port State Control. As for the newly opened route from the Olympic Sailing Center to the Underwater World, Qingdao Maritime regards it as the key regulatory object, and insists on the principle of "ship arriving at the port and law enforcement personnel arriving at the scene". For important land and island transport routes such as Jimiya to Lingshan Island, law enforcement personnel regularly patrol on board and strictly investigate all kinds of violations.

In response to the problem of heavy fog affecting the safety of sea area in Qingdao during the Spring Festival, Qingdao MSA strengthened its communication with the meteorological, emergency and transportation departments, and did a good job in the prevention of severe weather and sea conditions such as heavy fog. During the Spring Festival travel rush, more than 9700 ships entering and leaving the port were safely supervised, 50000 times of safe navigation information were provided, and 10 times of maritime risk warning information were issued, which effectively preventing the occurrence of sudden dangerous accidents in the jurisdiction.

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