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Weihai MSA Participated in the Publication of Seafarers Training Textbook

Weihai VTS Center recently received a published textbook from the editing group of Ship Handling (Operational Level). Organized by the Ministry of Maritime Safety, the textbook is one of the unified textbooks for the core courses of seafarers' competency training and navigation education.

This set of textbooks consists of a number of teaching situations that fit the actual work needs. Based on practice, Weihai VTS Center cooperated with the situational operation editing group to provide a large number of contents for "Situation 10: Ship Operation in the waters under Situational Traffic Control", such as the basic information of ship routing system and mandatory ship reporting system in Chengshantou waters, operation management, and matters needing attention when ships sail in the waters under traffic control. Weihai VTS Center plays a great role for the smooth publication of textbooks and the development of Chinese nautical education. At the same time, the successful publication of the teaching materials also provides convenience for the sailors to familiarize themselves with the "Two systems" of Chengshantou waters in advance, which helps to improve the sailors' safety awareness of navigation in Chengshantou waters, and thus guarantee the navigation safety of Chengshantou waters.

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