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Yantai Laizhou MSA Fully Resumed PSC Inspection

In order to improve the safety supervision level and effectiveness of dangerous goods vessels under the jurisdiction, Yantai Laizhou MSA strengthened the safety supervision of dangerous goods on board through PSC inspection.

On the morning of February 17, the PSCO of Yantai Laizhou MSA carried out a PSC inspection on foreign oil tankers at Berth 4 of Laizhou Port, focusing on the inspection of ship certificates, navigation equipment, emergency power supply, life-saving firefighting and other modules. During the inspection, the PSCOs found that the vessel had eight defects, including the fault of emergency procedure during the engine shutdown, the failure of the main power supply of the navigation signal light, no pressure of the quick-closing valve cylinder in the engine room and serious air leakage in the pipeline, the failure of the rear limit of the lifeboat on the starboard side, and the difficulty in closing the fire baffle of the kitchen ventilator, among which 3 were detainable deficiencies. In view of the low-stand state of the vessel, the vessel was detained in accordance with relevant regulation.

In the next step, Yantai Laizhou MSA will continue to do a good job in the normal PSC inspection according to the relevant requirements of the superior, constantly strengthen the hidden danger investigation and management ability and risk control level, maintain the high pressure supervision of low-standard ships, and contribute to the continuous and stable maintenance of water traffic safety situation in the jurisdiction.

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