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Multiple Measures Taken to Strengthen Supervision by Weihai MSA during the “May Day” Holiday

On the second and third days of the “May Day” holiday, Liugong Island ushered in a peak passenger transport, with more than 30,000 passengers entering the island for two consecutive days. In order to do a good job of on-site supervision during the passenger transport peak period, Weihai MSA took multiple measures to strengthen the safety supervision of passenger transport during the peak period.

First, all the leaders were on duty, organizing the morning shift scheduling meeting, analyzing the “May Day” regulation pattern, clarifying the focus of maritime supervision, and deploying the law enforcement arrangements.

Second, Weihai MSA strengthened on-site supervision. They organized and carried out joint inspection. In view of the irregular departure times of some airline routes, Weihai MSA arranged special personnel to connect the three joint inspection teams at Liugong Island pier, Xiaoshidao Pier and the cruise ship Qiao Xiang to ensure that the joint inspection was to the point.

Third, the “May Day” Safety Law Enforcement Work Record was formulated, focusing on the ship navigation order, passenger overload, lack of patrol and other situations. 

Fourth, Weihai MSA paid attention to the changeable weather, reminding the captains to follow the marine traffic restriction in accordance with the weather changes.

In the two peak days, a total of 2,424 vessels entered and departed the Port of Liugong Island, carrying 273,400 passengers. 76 law enforcement personnel were dispatched to inspect the vessels. 7 defects were found and required to be corrected on the spot.

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