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The "Big VTS" Center Of Shandong MSA and " Haixun 11" Carried Out Joint Law Enforcement

In order to further enhance the law enforcement efficiency of the "Big VTS" center on water of Shandong Maritime Safety Administration, enhance the collaborative and coordinated law enforcement capabilities of the "Big VTS", and assist in the construction of all elements of "Big VTS" on water, on August 22, the "Big VTS" center and the " Haixun 11" ship carried out the first maritime linkage patrol of law enforcement.

This law enforcement combined remote command of the "Big VTS" with on-site cruising of sea patrol ships, focusing on the key contents of the "Big VTS" law enforcement, such as the navigation environment, navigation order, ship navigation and operation status, and ship navigation equipment. It conducted a comprehensive inspections of key routes, anchorages, and construction work areas in Yantai, Weihai , and Qingdao districts, following the work philosophy of "formulate tasks in advance, problem orientation in the matter, and summarize and evaluate afterwards ".

During this period, the "Big VTS" center analyzed and judged the overall traffic situation along the way remotely through the safety supervision system, CCTV and other means and transmitted relevant information timely which guided the " Haixun 11" ship to carry out on-site verification and disposal, and sent the scene picture back to the " Big VTS " center in real time through the video connection system which achieved real-time information exchange, rapid execution of disposal and immediate results and ultimately formed a work loop.

This law enforcement dispatched a total of 23 personnel, cruising a total of 120 nautical miles for 7 hours. 8 cases of abnormal behavior were discovered and circulated, and 1 case was disposed of on-site, which achieved the expected goal and  good law enforcement results.

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