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Special Inspection Carried Out on the Supervision of Ships Carrying Dangerous Goods

In order to thoroughly implement the deployment on strengthening the marine traffic safety in key periods, officers from the Department of Dangerous Cargo Management and Pollution Prevention, the Navigation Management Department and the Ship Supervision Department recently went to Yantai, Qingdao, Dongjiakou, Rizhao, Weifang and other places to carry out the safety supervision of dangerous goods in the high temperature season.


The inspection group had discussions with maritime law enforcement personnel in the front line, and inspected the deployment and implementation of key tasks. All the branches conscientiously implemented the “Notice on Strengthening the Safety Supervision of Dangerous Goods in Summer”, effectively strengthened the hierarchical control of dangerous goods, strictly checked the declaration (report) of dangerous goods on board, enhanced on-site supervision and inspection, seriously carried out early warning and prevention of severe weather and sea conditions,effectively implementing the “three measures” for the safety management of dangerous goods transportation of ships at coastal ports. The inspection group offered advice on the control measures of goods at low flash points, the safety status of containers, the pertinence of the inspection of ships carrying dangerous goods and the tracking of deficiency rectification.


From July to August, the cargo volume of dangerous goods in Shandong reached more than 95 million tons, and more than 8,200 ships carrying dangerous goods entered and left the port. The safety situation of dangerous goods at sea in Shandong remains stable. 

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