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Obstruction Fishing boats registered in Penglai “recalled” by YanTai Penglai MSA

To implement the Special Operation of “Management of fishing boats & merchant ships 2023” and settle the obstruction problem resulted by Penglai-registered fishing boats in Changshan routing course for merchant ships, Yantai Penglai MSA adapts effective measures and managements to “recall” obstruction fishing boats to ensure the normal operation of the Changshan course as well as avoid crash between fishing boats and merchant ships.  

Yantai Penglai MSA fully performs the “Maritime Integrated Management with All Measures” including YTMSA dynamic monitoring system and fishery management system to focus on the key areas such as the course, anchorage and alert areas in order to “recall” obstruction Penglai registered fishing boats and sustain the safe situation of maritime environment.

Firstly, relying on the favorable platform of Penglai District Maritime Safety Production Command Committee, YT Penglai MSA has established effective coordination and linkage mechanisms with units such as the maritime fishing industry, coastal towns, fishing ports and villages to share relevant information about Penglai-registered fishing boats since the beginning of fishing season on 1st, September.

Secondly, fully utilizing the platform of Penglai District Maritime Safety Production Command Committee, Yantai Penglai MSA issued an announcement regarding the obstraction of fishing activities by some Penglai-registered fishing boats in waterways such as shipping lanes, navigation channels, alert areas and anchorages. This will promptly inform the coastal towns and fishing ports of the fishing boats that are causing obstacles in the waterway.

Thirdly, on a daily basis, the information about the obstruction of fishing activities by boats in Changshan course will be collected, summarized and reported to Penglai District Bureau of Ocean Development and fisheries, which will urge the industry to take responsibility and require the fishing boats to immediately leave the navigable waterways.

Fourthly, YT Penglai MSA will continue to strengthen the dynamic monitoring of key areas, using high-frequency alerts to remind passing cargo ships to enhance their visibility to avoid collisions with fishing boats. From 1st to 4th , September, 28 obstructive fishing boats have been successfully “recalled”.

Finally, Yantai Penglai MSA will continue to deepen the work of regulating fishing boats that obstruct navigation based on the experience gained so far. The “Five Step Workflow” will be implemented by conducting maritime patrol enforcement, educating through “warnings”, and conducting concentrated talks with fishermen who repeatedly violate regulations. Strict penalties will be imposed on boats that do not change their behavior. This will effectively ensure the continuous and stable safety of the water transportation situation in the jurisdiction.

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