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Proprietary / trade names alone are not sufficient.DRDe Additional information: 'irS^'` Reactivity of the cargo : ^%`cenoǑSvce0 gHempkpBR0vQ[^%`ce  Emergency measures (The "$   * , ` b | ~     B D t v ~  " $ & ( , . R T \ ^ ȺhG-`CJOJQJo( hp7CJ hG-`CJ hG-`CJo(hG-` hp7CJo( hEBCJo( hG-`o( hG-`CJ hG-`CJo( hG-`5CJ hG-`5hG-`5CJo(hG-`5aJo( hG-`5aJ<$ , b ~ d$Ifgd! d$Ifgdp9JgdG-`$a$gd!,^$a$gdG-` D " vvvvvvv d$Ifgdp9J|kd$$IfTlB0*Q044 layt-T" $ . 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