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If applicable : (1)the world  WASTE should proceed name;(2) EMPTY/UNCLEANED or  RESIDUE-LAST CONTAINED ;(3) LIMITED QUANTITY the should be added.**When required in item 3.4.6,volume 2 of the IMDG Code;***When requiredDN NUS0DeQeQX'irSň'`h~gUS0QXqSi'irЏSňO(ut[~gUS0Ɩň{ňЏqSi'irň{"$     ( * , 4 > T V ^ l | ~    L P @ B D P ɼ hGPCJo( h\LmCJo( hQCJ hG-`CJ hHCJo( hG-`CJo(hG-` jRhno( hno( hG-`o( hG-`CJ hG-`CJo( hG-`5hG-`5CJo( hG-`5CJ hG-`5aJhG-`5aJo(4$  , @ V n $Ifgdp9JgdG-`$a$gd!$a$gdG-` $1$a$gdG-`  " N offffff $Ifgdp9Jkd$$IfTlwF$C 0    44 layt!TN P @ D ".Rofffff]fff $IfgdSN $Ifgdp9Jkd$$IfTlF$C 0    44 layt!T P R X n r  "&(,rvz| ǺѺѺѭޜh1h^CJOJQJaJo(h1CJOJQJaJo(hG-`hSNCJOJQJaJo(hG-`CJOJQJaJo(hdQhmGCJo(h5V.CJOJQJaJo( hG-`CJ hG-`CJo(hG-`CJOJQJo(hG-`CJOJQJ4Rr>Ljv(4@$IfWDd`gdp9J_$IfWD2`_gdp9J $IfgdSN $Ifgdp9J  >@BJjt&68>Nf(,DFJTVXbhj&"&橢U hCCCJo( hnCJo( h>TCJo(hhG-`CJhG-`CJOJhG-`CJOJQJhG-` jSh~OJQJo(hG-`CJOJQJo( hG-`CJo( hG-`CJ jSh!OJQJo(<@NhjRkdP$$IfTl4\P$\ T` 044 layt!T $Ifgdp9J(&&&'xxxo $Ifgdw $Ifgdp9J~kdN$$IfTl40$l  044 layt!TffN0Sf[T[hQb/gffN0YXbf The following documents(s) and information are submitted: (Wgy`Q N cOyrkDefN 0VEqSĉ 0,{1wS,{5.4.40 In certain circumstances special information certificates are required, see paragraph 5.4.4,volume 1 of IMDG Code.yQXf NbNN96ňЏvqSi'ir/algqS['`'ir] cĉ[hQv^Qnx0WkXQNcknxЏ Ty0qSĉS0R{|0qSi'`T^%`ce DUSPhQ0SňqSi'ir Sňcknx0(ϑ[}Yh0h_/hLrcknx0EN0N N3ubQnxe0 Declaration: I hereby declare that the contents of this declaration are fully and accurately described above by the proper shipping name, UN No., Class and EmS No. The goods are properly packaged, marked, labeled/ placarded and are in all respects in good condition for transport by sea. 3ubNXTY T _ N 3ubUSMO~{z Declarer(signature): Seal of Declaration Unit 3ubNXTWYHhS###01 2011t^ 7g 1e No.: Year Month Date;N{:gsQ~{lh Remarks by the Administration:'}%`T|NY T05u݋0 Ow05uP[{ _ N 5u݋137######## Emergency Contact Person s Name, Tel, Fax and E-mail :dk3ubUSN_ NN vQ-N$NN3ubNYucTRbЏ96 NNYu;N{:gsQX[g0 This declaration should be made in tripartite, one is kept by the Administration for file, and two for the declarer and the ship respectively.       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