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Cargo Handling Temperature(!)ň/xS'/n Port of Loading/ DischargingYl Remarks ,gnm1-NX[ g NS}4l/al4l The ballast/bilge water remained in tanks on board: 1[S Tank No.4l(y{| kinds of waterpeϑ Quantitylf1[:NN(u/nmS}1bm'1 Indicating whether the tank is segrogted/ clean ballast tank or cargo tankY l Remarks,gnQY(W/nSۏL N\ON v^\ cĉ[SL3u This ship plans to carry out the following operation(s) in port and application will be submitted separately according to the relevant provisions: 1.nmm'1\ON4lm %/f / %&T 2.O(unmBR/mRBRm1 %/f / %&T tank washing (water wash) Yes No tank washing by detergent / additives Yes No 3.Slm1 %/f / %&T 4.ql\ON %/f / %&T crude oil washing Yes No gas freeing Yes No 5.T/nSc6eec>e+Tl/ g[ir(vm14l/mTir0 (TM3 disposal of tank washing$      6 8 : D F \ ^ ` d h j n   ϾɱիՖϖϱϖϝϖh` >*CJo(h0>*CJo( hU>*CJ h0CJo( hZCJo( hZCJ h};CJo( h'rCJh0CJOJQJo( h};CJ hUCJ hUCJo( hUo(hUh"ACJOJPJaJo(hUCJOJPJaJo(4$F  j |  6 B b $d$&`#$/Ifa$d8d$gd0$da$ $NdVD^Na$$da$   $ < > B F J \ ^ b f l t    . 2 T V h j z 鿸ݢ𒌒h,-hUCJaJo( hUCJ hUCJo(h};>*CJo( h` CJo( hCJh>*CJo( h0CJo( hZCJ h'rCJh'rCJOJQJo( h};CJo( hUCJ h};CJ hUCJo( hU>*CJh0>*CJo(/    * 4 6 @ b n p t 8 < P d f ~ 48L\^p ,8hüʼʵʼʼʤhMCJOJQJo(hUCJOJQJhUCJOJQJo( hUCJ hUCJo( hUCJo( hU>*CJ hUCJ hUCJo( hUCJh,-h,-CJaJo(h,-hUCJaJo(h,-hUCJaJ8b 8 > N P R T V X Z \ ^ ` b d FfZ$$&`#$/Ifa$gd{>$$&`#$/Ifa$Ff.$d$&`#$/Ifa$$Gd$&`#$/IfUD"]Ga$d f 4:Lr* $d$Ifa$d8 *,.0246UOOOOO$IfkdX$$IfJr &U  044 la68j\UPPHPHPHd$gdMd8kd)$$IfMr &U  044 la  (*,LT`vx&&&&''''d*x*++ ++B+J+N+P+^++++++++,˹h~VCJaJo(hU>*CJaJhMCJaJo(hUCJaJhUCJaJo(U hUCJH* hU>*CJ hUCJo( hUCJhMCJOJQJo(hUCJOJQJhUCJOJQJo(9 water/ water containing harmful substances/mixtures into port reception facilities, estimated quantity tons (M3) yQXf,gnň}'ir[hQN2algfNSefNPY 96g 0YN^nwQYň} N'irvňagNv^`Qck8^ 'irDePhQ 3ubQ[cknxe0 This is to declare that this ship s certificates concerning safe transportation and pollution Prevention are all valid and complete; the ship s construction, equipment and arrangements are in good condition and meet the requirements of fitness for carrying the above declared goods; the documentation of goods is complete and the declaration is ture and correct. DN NUS0De The following document(s) and information are submitted in addition: 9/3ubNXT 96/NtNvz Master/declarer: Ship / Agent (Seal) 9fNS/3ubNXTWYHhS eg Certiticate No: Date: ;N{:gsQ~{h Remarks by the Administration'}%`T|NY T05u݋0 Ow05uP[{ Emergency Contact Person s Name, Tel, Fax and E-mail :dk3ubUSN_ NN vQ-N$NN3ubNYucTR/nS\ON NNYu;N{:gsQX[g0 This declaration should be made in tripartite, one is kept by the Administration for file, and two for the declarer and port operator respectively.     ''d*z*+`++,,,,, $$Ifa$ *d$If *d8$If d8$IfBd8WD^`B ,,,:,b,d,v,,,,,,,j--.............///// ///////&0¾hg:huh jh UhU5OJQJ\aJo(hU hUCJ hUCJ hUCJo(hMCJaJo(hU>*CJaJhUCJaJhUCJaJo(hMCJaJ(,,,h-j-'akd$$If4%%044 laf4$Ifqkd$$Ifl0%3 044 laj--............///// / /////////d41$0]0d8/// /"/$/&/(/*/,/./0/2/4/6/8/://@/B/D/F/H/J/L/N/P/R/T/T/V/X/Z/\/^/`/b/d/f/h/j/l/n/p/r/t/v/x/z/|/~///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////000000 0 0000000000 0"0$0&001:2P. 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